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Wellbeing Foundation Africa extends MamaCare to Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos

LAGOS, NIGERIA - Wellbeing Foundation Africa has today launched its MamaCare Antenatal Education Program at the Ikeja Military Cantonment of Lagos, Nigeria.

MamaCare Antenatal Education Program provides education for expectant parents across a range of subjects, including the birthing process, prenatal nutrition, attending to the many needs of an infant.

With a class of over 30 expectant parents spanning their first, second, and third trimesters, the day’s participants learned about the symptoms, risks, treatments, and preventative measures in regards to anemia in pregnancy.

Ikeja Military Cantonment is the most recent health provider to bring on the fortnightly MamaCare Antenatal Education Classes, which have already been established at both Medicross Hospital and St Raphael Hospital in Lagos, as well as in Kwara State Specialist Hospital Ilorin, Kwara Civil State Service Hospital Ilorin, and Aikjobi Cottage Hospital Ilorin. MamaCare was designed and implemented in alignment with global standards of health by Wellbeing Foundation Africa’s Founder, Her Excellency Toyin Ojora Saraki.

“Education is the strongest safeguard for expectant mothers and children,” Mrs Ojora Saraki said today, “These programs empower women to make informed decisions in the interests of both herself and her child.”

During a spirited question and answer session which followed the lecture, students raised questions about a range of subjects, including prenatal nutrition, identification and treatment of minor disorders in pregnancy, and the necessity of regular medical examinations.

“To share a learning space with so many women proactively seeking wisdom to protect both themselves and their children is a humbling thing,” said Mrs Ojora Saraki.

Wellbeing Foundation Africa’s MamaCare Antenatal Education Programs will soon expand to Abuja, Nigeria, with intention to scale across West Africa

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