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#MaternalMonday Stories

What are #MaternalMonday Stories?


One of the greatest gifts to a woman is having an uncomplicated pregnancy, safe delivery of a healthy baby and a chance to nurture the baby to childhood and beyond. Central to success in this area are families, friends, skilled birth attendants (midwives, doctors and health workers) -  all of whom are working tirelessly to ensure women become mothers and babies survive and thrive!


Now that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been finalised and the post-2015 development agenda confirmed, it is crucial that we do not get lost within the statistics, overarching goals, and development targets. The SDGs are intended for people – real people – and we must keep our focus on the human stories and lives behind the goals. In honour of #SDG3, with a focus on targets 3.1 and 3.2, we invite people to share their #MaternalMonday Stories and photos via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


The SDGs are more than just goals and targets for direction of the development community. They have been designed for every person, in every country. They are for every woman and every child. Use the #MaternalMonday to share the stories of every woman and every child, and amplify traction on #SDG3.


Every Monday, please share a selfie of you and your baby, or a  throwback photo of your mother, or even with a midwife using the #MaternalMonday. We’d love to hear your story about your mother, about your life and health as a mother, about your work in MNCH, or even how you came to work in maternal health or development.


How to Get Involved

You don’t need to strike a pose - just upload a photo of you with a short story, tagging #MaternalMonday or @wellbeingafrica or @Maternal_Monday


Photos can be shared via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – and tag @wellbeingafrica or @Maternal_Monday if you’d like us to share with our network. To spread the message, you can also nominate a friend, family member, colleague, politician, development official, celebrity mum or more to request that they share their #MaternalMonday story too! Simply tag them in your post and show your support for improved maternal health around the world.


#MaternalMonday Toolkit

Download our #MaternalMonday toolkit:

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