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#MaternalMonday is a campaign launched by The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) in 2012 to raise awareness and spark conversations around key issues in relation to Maternal Newborn and Child Health in Africa.


WBFA is a pan-African organisation seeking to create real and sustainable change for African families by working with communities across the continent to build capacities and empower women.


Our programs and advocacy work span local, national and global levels, harnessing international best practice and translating this into our frontline programs to ensure a lasting impact for Women and Children in Nigeria and across Africa.


Working alongside development partners, WBFA has been instrumental in realising developing goals in the area of Maternal Newborn and Child Health in Africa (MDGs 3 and 4). As we look towards the new era of the Sustainable Development Goals we continue to bring our local knowledge of MNCH in Nigeria to the Global Consultations, identifying areas of improvement and issues in projects implementation so ensure the longevity and sustainability of programs in MNCH.  


We are dedicated to the establishment and entrenchment of global best practices into local solutions and interventions to improve maternal newborn and child health, promote healthy families and sustainable strengthening of health systems in Nigeria and across Africa. 


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The Wellbeing Foundation Africa

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