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#MaternalMonday is a simple and effective advocacy campaign of The Wellbeing Foundation Africa to remind and encourage mothers and their healthcare givers that for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, every mother should deliver her baby in a properly equipped medical facility, attended by a skilled and qualified midwife with access to appropriate medical referral to a doctor and/or surgeon.


#MaternalMonday delivers traction in maternal newborn and child health goals from pregnancy, post natal periods to newborn nurturing, infant and child birth registration, immunisation, breastfeeding and nutrition, from point of pregnancy up till adolescence and womanhood, including prevention of child marriage, retention of girls in education, and eradication of gender violence.


#MaternalMonday allows us to regularly build evidence on what works, and how best they work, in relation to maternal, newborn and child health. A crucial tool for such evidence-building, especially regarding civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS), is the hand-held personal health record (PHR) which records all processes, happenings and interventions during pregnancy, childbirth and up till the child is 5 years old. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa will continue to use #MaternalMonday to get feedback on the use of the PHR, in order to drive people-led, community-based progress in maternal, newborn and child health improvements.


This site is owned and managed by The Wellbeing Foundation Africa 

#MaternalMonday is an official health hashtag

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